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 The Old Republic Trailer "Hope" in Story - For The Old Republic RP

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PostSubject: The Old Republic Trailer "Hope" in Story - For The Old Republic RP   Fri Apr 22, 2011 1:35 am

Holojournal-465 BBY-The Battle of Alderaan-Entry 00234

I remember the day the savages of the Empire struck as if it were yesterday. A terrible day. My men were massacred. It started out as Alderaan, the beacon of hope to all Republic bystanders as it was, peaceful. Then, dreaded as I was, the Empire came. Many fought, many died and the Empire destroyed the capital city of Alderaan then. It was just a single savage strike for the Empire to take over . My men were one of the last to fight them off. We hid in the woods, waiting for the Empire to come. We prepared with everything we had. Strong, marching sounds came near. I peered out from one of the tree’s. The Empire was there, right where we wanted them, with their leader, Darth Malgus. I gave my squad the signal. It was there, when I open fired on the droids and Sith, the rockets firing and exploding like fireworks in the midst, but with droid limbs flying. The sound of many blasters firing, probably hundreds, combined with their ammunition flying, it was going to be for the worst. Droid’s exploding, the killing, was all happening fast.

Fighting off the Empire with my partner, I notice he is pulled away by something. I turn and look. There he was. Darth Malgus. I shot three rockets, one was deflected with the Force, the second with his lightsaber. The third struck him, but it wasn’t enough. He recovered quickly. I had to drop the rocket launcher and run to him and stab him with my knife. Two Sith tried to stop me, but I threw them from me. Darth Malgus started electrocuting me from there, while I was trying to resist. The stinging pain was so much for me, but I tried pushing through. I took my knife out, but no prevail. I was thrown back and to the ground, unconscious. Stupid me, I went blindly towards him, while I could have actually shot him and kill him. I woke up, two Sith dragging me unarmed. There was a third Sith there when they stopped. I looked up, and saw he was about to execute me. I was about to give in to death, looking at the Sith straight in the eyes, the cold feeling of me about to die was very disturbing. But it wasn’t going to end here, dying fighting the Empire.

That moment when I was about to die, a Jedi came from above. A powerful strike from her, the shockwave made the 3 Sith die maybe, I wasn’t so sure at the time. I recovered, and one of my soldiers tossed me a DC-15, and began fighting again, but I was helping the Jedi. I believe her name was Satele Shan, Jedi Grandmaster. She killed, from what I’ve counted, 5 Sith’s. I’ve never seen a Jedi do a kill streak like that in my entire career. She then went to the fighting with Malgus with her blue dual-bladed lightsaber. Hearing the sabers clash, the grunts and everything, makes me think how fierce Darth Malgus really is. Then I heard loud crunching. I looked over and saw the Grandmaster pulling a tree down. Whatever she’s doing, I’m not sure if she’ll last too long. Then came the crash. They dueled on the tree for a brief amount of time, then Malgus pushed her into the stump. Malgus about to go for the killing strike, Satele athletically jumped over him, escaping death. But it wasn’t too long till her lightsaber was cut in half. Seeing her struggle trying to defend herself, I acted. I yelled and charged towards the Sith Lord while he was distracted. I head-butted him and carried him some ways, before be got out of my grip. We got into a fist lock, but not for long. I pressed a button on my thermal detonator, blasting the both of us back, and injuring both of us. I lay on the ground. The Sith Lord stood back up, but he was weak and injured. Satele took this moment and force-blasted him into the wall of rock. Little pebbles were hitting and bouncing off of him, the force-blast making the wind powerful. He barely got the chance to get out, but he was force-blasted once again, this time with more brute force. It was sure he was dead by then. Rock and debris fell all over.

I began standing back up, on my knee’s, then on my feet. I looked around at the scenery, the once beautiful forest now destroyed and fallen. With much of my men of the Havoc Squad dead, and me, injured and battered, I was still alive through this ordeal. While the sacrifices were heavy, we fought knowing that there was hope for the Republic. A single spark of courage, can ignite the flames of hope. I pulled out my flare gun, and fired it in the air, claiming victory and in need of help. The Battle of Alderaan was over. Finally.

It was over.

Tell me what you think, constructive criticism is open.
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PostSubject: Re: The Old Republic Trailer "Hope" in Story - For The Old Republic RP   Fri Apr 22, 2011 2:22 am

Very good, i just got interested in the Knights Of The Old Republic Two, and the first. I keep repeating it. So, yes, i would like to apply for your rp sometime, grudges out of the way.
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The King of Death

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PostSubject: Re: The Old Republic Trailer "Hope" in Story - For The Old Republic RP   Thu Apr 28, 2011 11:36 am

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PostSubject: Re: The Old Republic Trailer "Hope" in Story - For The Old Republic RP   

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The Old Republic Trailer "Hope" in Story - For The Old Republic RP
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