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 Why dont you join my rps? Its just a question. (Started by Tricky)

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PostSubject: Why dont you join my rps? Its just a question. (Started by Tricky)   Sun Mar 13, 2011 11:34 pm

I...just want to know what reason why you guys do not join my rps i work quite hard on. I just want to know your reason, thats it.

And i feel like getting retired from rping because every fucking time i make a rp, it turns to shit and all of that work i worked hard on, is pruned.
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PostSubject: Re: Why dont you join my rps? Its just a question. (Started by Tricky)   Sun Mar 13, 2011 11:39 pm

I've been thinking on joining that School thread of yours. It's the only one I got interested in.

But in my opinion, you pick subjects on video games that nobody plays or dislikes. You need to work on your literature tactics. You need to figure out when to end and start a new paragraph. Sure it may be difficult to do that, and I know, but you need to figure it out. Noone wants to read a giant paragraph that takes fifteen minutes to read.

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PostSubject: Re: Why dont you join my rps? Its just a question. (Started by Tricky)   Sun Mar 13, 2011 11:45 pm

Its pretty much probably pruned by now. The school thread was pretty much a scrapped dream. I cant think of anything else, though.
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PostSubject: Re: Why dont you join my rps? Its just a question. (Started by Tricky)   Mon Mar 14, 2011 12:14 am

Well, thought of two LITTLEBIGPLANET storys...

The obvious attempts of sackpeople that have been trying to do random things or possibly seeming adventures of hell just to get people to have attention to them.

A sackboy was trying to suit up with his most stylish outfit to date. Apparently, a limited wardrobe means limited possibilitys. He always makes suits of his worst and greatest clothes to date. He stared at his pop-it and put on a random outfit.

Big-daddy; no.
Shirley Temple: no.
Little Girl: no.
Baby: ....No,
Mr. Moon Skin with Cordlass Glasses: Yes. Yes yes yes yes yes.

The sackboy looked stylish, with his Cordlass Glasses and the heart having the style and red light of new jersey. Suddenly, the sackboy looked sad, and used the remote controller and simply stared at it. He decided to make a new friend. Literally, MAKE a new friend. He grabbed material and grabbed a sackbot. He put wood on the sackbot, and make a mouth, then made feet.

He attached multiple conundrums on the circuit board, and made it a sackgirl. She had Sofie hair and a high-quality woman coat. She also had fur boots. He made a Tipi, it having a plasma T.V. inside and a water dispenser. The floor was fake fur, and felt like a bed. He put his robot inside and filled it with his memorys, and she knew he didnt have friends at all.

He also added in that he created her, and gave her the truth. He activated her and she woke up within a hour. No one had EVER created a sackbot and made it a girl, as within the few minutes and in a pod. She got the move of the enviroment, and looked around. She got up and looked at herself. She wasnt a sackbot. She would fit in perfectly.

The tipi looked big on the inside, but on the outside, just a simple tipi. She looked around in the pod. Chalk around, saying 'Aware: If you cut the wire, you will kill us all.' She didnt understand what it meant yet, but her creator wasnt here. She touched the controller, seeing he entered a level and it was left open. The pod pushed forward, and she was pushed through the spawn-point. She seen her tag; "Sarena". That was her name?

It was actually a really good one, in her terms. Sarena went through the level, nothing serious, just testings to see if your ready for the 'alliance'. She seen the sackboy that created her. Penny. Or, thats what his tag said. Penny didnt notice her and kept going with his grapple hook. Eventually, he was stuck. He couldnt reach a area and had a Grabinator. He didnt have anything to reach a button. Sarena caught up with him.

"Hey, Penny." She said, having said her first words. Penny gawked that he actually had created a friend. He simply waved. "Can you help me with this?" Penny proclaimed, seeing he cant throw anything. He grabbed her, and she gasped. Penny jumped on the Jump-helper, and threw her at the button. He seen her slam straight onto the button, opening the door. She fell down to the floor, and got back up, rubbing her face. She was angry, and slapped Penny hard, making him shriek and fall to the floor, out cold. She dragged his body and went on the scoreboard, having the highest score.

"Love is crap, Deal with it." - Anonymous

Let me tell you all that has happened during these years: So many levels have piled up, and so many sackpeople being made, that one little sackperson was born into the world. This sackperson was unique, in a way. He had the mark. The mark is a symbolic hope that was given from the creators of LittleBIGPlanet, and if a sackperson was embowed with this hope, he would be the savior of all of littlebigplanet. But this sackperson wasnt much of a savior, just more of a young boy thats trying to make a differance. There was a pact. "If a sackperson is enbowed with this hope, there will be great peace soon after. But there is also a reason that this sackperson was endowed with this great mark, it was a curse that we had to inflict. There is a great evil at stake, and you should be the one,

To save them.'

Now, that was it, but apparently, something did happen soon after. Every, single, dimension, in existance, BROKE. These dimensions were linked to have a perfect circle, but they were all but absorbed into one dimension. The hell dimension. The people of roblox fleed from the hackers, from the villians. But the boy couldnt do a thing. Not a single thing. He had to hide his family.

Even they, of all people, were running away. The sackperson was left behind, to be taken away. Years after trying to accumilate help, and robloxians fell each day. PINKBEEN led the resistance, but didnt care less for the noobs. However, he had heard of such, but did not believe it. He led the resistance every day, to the safe areas of the Hell Dimension. But each day, they dwindled.

Sackpeople couldnt join his cause, even though they were suffering also. The sackperson embowed with the mark died in a cage, not being fed or having positivity. All of the nations capitols were sent into despression...Revenge curdling up in the depths of their hearts. In the unlikliest of times, Humans were also forced to the dimension, abandoning their beutiful paradise. Some humans retaliated, killing sackpeople and robloxians. While some joined their cause.

This started THREE factions for gaining power. The RUPT(The Robloxian united peace team, controlled by PinkBeen) AS (Adventurous Sackpeople) DAOD(Dark Alliance Of Death).

Its your choice if you decide to take over, or give.

Thats all i have, for now.
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PostSubject: Re: Why dont you join my rps? Its just a question. (Started by Tricky)   Mon Mar 14, 2011 4:32 am

Many of the anime's you like are rather outdated, truth is.

I would suggest making dothack and thereabouts rpgs perhaps...
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PostSubject: Re: Why dont you join my rps? Its just a question. (Started by Tricky)   Mon Mar 14, 2011 4:15 pm

I know how you feel, I tried making a thread, like many people said, but only one person joined at it didn't get anywhere.... I knew it would happen.
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PostSubject: Re: Why dont you join my rps? Its just a question. (Started by Tricky)   

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Why dont you join my rps? Its just a question. (Started by Tricky)
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