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 The Sigma Complex OOC

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My Pet : Creeper
Posts : 208
Join date : 2011-02-25
Age : 42
Location : The most cursed shadows of the realm of truth.

PostSubject: The Sigma Complex OOC   Tue Mar 08, 2011 5:59 pm


The world was prophecised to have a disaster, and it came. Over time, the planet became more and more toxic and hazardous to just about every plant, animal, and human found on the planet. Initually it was not known, but as it spread, they discovered it a little to late to discover the source before preparing for the disater in the first place. To confound the problem, some humans had turned into mutants, along with many of the droids on the planet going haywire.

But an effort to save them was developed. A person name Neil Anderdon developed a massive pressurized city called the delta complex to ensure the survival and development of the human race. But he barely had the funding to save about 7500 people in the first place, with 1500 people in each of 5 sigma complexes. These complexes have just been activated, and the people have just awakened, knowing about the toxin disaster, but not the cause.

These complexes are the only hope for the survival of this 'human' race. If they are destroyed, or these scarce few humans are killed, then they will be lost and forgotten forever... not to be known by any being save themselves... or so its thought. But there are dark secrets eminating from the more lethal areas of the toxins... some of which indicate that it was intentional. But they don't know that yet, let alone why.

Goals: Any and all of these could be chosen.

(1) Study the mutants to become resistant to the biohazard.
(2) Discover the source of the untreatable planetary biohazard, and uncover an new enemy.
(3) Develop the present base along with establishing other bases.
(4) Achieve spaceflight and leave this planet.
(5) Turn evil and try to destroy the last surviving humans.

Quote :
Config ALL:

Age: 15-70.
Species: Human, Mutant, or Robot?
Physicals: Your composition.

Quote :
Config {Human}:

Floor Level:
Which Complex: Altaris, Grendon, Meculas, Imarisin, or Tobuhanu?
Position(max 3): Engineer, Scientist, Ecologist, Soldier, Leader(must have permission), Janitor, Trainer, Laborer, Chef, Pilot, or Doctor.
Strength/Weakness: No set number, but the weaknesses must be equal in potency to the strengths.
Skills(max 5):
Techs(5): There is a techtree. But the basics are covered. Begin basic, but you can advance on any techs present.
Haz Tolerance: {None, Low, Minor, Fair, Average, Good, Impressive, High, Optimal}

Quote :
Config {Mutant}:

Location: where are you presently?
Handicaps(3 max):
Mutations(5 max): These are dna mutations that affected you.
Mutant Type: Pick one of these -
{Bahuntik} - The most common mutant. These mutants writhed from the green biohazard to become crude brutes. They are strong, athletic, and mandates 'stupid' handicap.
{Psirian} - These beings were geniouses until the biohazard happened. Now they are crazed freaks that feed off the minds of others.
{Phemgers} - These beings had many diseases beforehand. Thanks to the biohazard, those diseases become an attack... and a deadly ranged one at that.
{Greeps} - Probably the most tainted of the mutants, these beings actually chose to become mutated by it. Results will vary.
{Lechtens} - These mutants are the breeder mutants. They can eat anything, and have voracious diets. Whole ecosystems are eaten within days with just one of these!
{Iduneisan} - The rarest of the mutants.When the extreme lethality of the biohard hit them, they emerged with the power to spread/grow it, along with becoming neonic.
Toxin Survival: Scored from 1-1000, what is the range of lethalities with toxins for you to survive in? This must be based on your handicaps and mutations.
Contam Level: Scored from 1-1000, how lethal is it for humans to be around you? 1000 is extremely lethal even with full environmental protection!

Quote :
Config {Robots}:

Location: where are you presently?
AI Role: Security, Maintenance, Harvest, or Leadership.
Circuits(15 max): Robots are extremely limited. Just name the kind of circuit. 3 of the same max, which allows those features. But remember, if you dont have a given circuit, you cannot do such actions whatsoever. For example, without a visual circuit, you are blind.
Weapon Type: {modern, lazer, gauss, fusion, plasma, ballistic, or photon} {Sword, Pistol, Rifle, Cannon, Launcher, or Grenades}
Tool Type: What kind of tool does this robot have?
Armor Class: What kind of armor do you posess for your body? Mandatory.
Shield Class: What kind of shield does your robot have?
Engine Type: What kind of generator does your robot have?

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My Pet : Creeper
Posts : 208
Join date : 2011-02-25
Age : 42
Location : The most cursed shadows of the realm of truth.

PostSubject: Re: The Sigma Complex OOC   Tue Mar 08, 2011 11:45 pm

Name: Neil Anderson
Age: 22
Species: Human
Physicals: Well rounded, but with good athletics and intelligence.
Personality: Friendly, Leniant, Courageous, Ambitious, and Disciplined.
History: Neil anderson was a researcher for a remote area on this planet when the toxin disaster arrived. As the toxin spread through the world, he knew that it would never go away, only spreading worse and worse over time. For this reason, he developed this complex along with all the facilities within its interior. Thanks to his efforts, he was made to be the main leader of the complex.
Inventory: Dr44 Battle armor, Chemical Gasmask, Dr77 Delta Biosuit, Backpack, 5 days rations, medipack, swiss army knife, and A plasma rifle.
Floor Level: One.
Which Complex: Altaris.
Position: Leader, Scientist, Pilot.
Skills(max 5): Research, First Aide, Outfitting, Scholastics, Evironmentalism, Teamwork.
Techs(5): Energon Chazmatics, Environmentalism, Biosphere Management, Computers, and Scientology.
Haz Tolerance: Optimal.
Leadership - 100
Training - 100
Gunnery - 50
Armory - 50
Outfitting - 50
Science - 50
Medical - 50
Piloting - 50

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My Pet : Creeper
Posts : 208
Join date : 2011-02-25
Age : 42
Location : The most cursed shadows of the realm of truth.

PostSubject: Re: The Sigma Complex OOC   Mon Mar 14, 2011 2:45 pm

Bump for topic readiness... though I doubt this will ever be played.
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PostSubject: Re: The Sigma Complex OOC   

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The Sigma Complex OOC
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