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 The League Wars - The Ahrennian Strain

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My Pet : Creeper
Posts : 208
Join date : 2011-02-25
Age : 42
Location : The most cursed shadows of the realm of truth.

PostSubject: The League Wars - The Ahrennian Strain   Sat Feb 26, 2011 5:43 am


The world is in peril. Only the one that controlls the terranoplis area will surive, and everyone except the terrans knows this. The shadows are creeping into the leagues, and the time of the great darkness is upon us! Not only are there leagues to face, but they must first clear all the monsters in their regions before they can effectively attack the other leagues. A grim task, especially as the gates to the other leauges are protected by an extremely powerful guardian. But beware. Time is iminent. Eventully the only place remaining will be terranopolis... and lands will be vanishing at varying rates in that matter.

The noble terrans have seen this event happen countless times, but never know when the next iteration would occurr. Only the other lands ever really know. But yet, they always refute the many forces that try to breach their areas, countless times over... and those lands always become more and more hostile plus powerful against them. Some say that eventually the outsiders will eventually win... but when and how that will happen... remains to be seen.


There can only be a total of 8 leagues.
The terrans cannot know about the disaster each loop that happens.
Do not argue the pricing for technologies.

Normal Config:

Effects(ongoing passive properties)(3):
Job Class(begins 1, can get 3 eventually):
Any number of strengths, but you need equally powerful weaknesses. But one strength is free.

League Config: Leagues begin with 1500 people in them.

Each league gets to make 5 areas consisting of 5x5 miles. Explain them fully, but they will begin empty.
Each league gets 750 Tech points. Just say a tech, and I say the cost for it. Max is 100 pts for a single thing.
Each league gets to assign up to 15 professions. All recruits follow that method.
Each league MUSt have a main goal as to how they will win, along with a picture of a 'crest' that represents them.
Finally, Each league gets 'development' points. Spend 1500 points on these to determine the stats of them -

Strength - Your physical potential. Also lets you carry heavier things.
Endurance - How resistant to physical damage you are, along with handling rugged turfs.
Dexterity - Your accuracy, along with lockpicking.
Reflexes - Your ability to dodge, maneuver, and evade things.
Wisdom - YOur ability to learn, resist magics, and do more with status conditions.
Intelligence - Your ability to do stronger magics, resist status conditons, and reason better.
Manna - How much mp you posess. Also affects how long you can go without food.
Stamina - How much physical strain you can bear, along with using strong skills.
Vitality - Your hitpoints. Further, lets you resist poisons better.
Charisma - How high your morale is. This can also inspire allies to do better.
Presence - How fearful others are of you. This also lets you force people better.
Spirit - Your own soul is quite mighty. This affects your will and lets you weild your special abilities better.
Teamwork - How well coordinated the team is, along with their ability to execute formations.
Engineering - How skilled they are in making products and building structures.
Outfitting - How potent their equipments are, along with their ability to equip them.

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My Pet : Creeper
Posts : 208
Join date : 2011-02-25
Age : 42
Location : The most cursed shadows of the realm of truth.

PostSubject: Re: The League Wars - The Ahrennian Strain   Sat Feb 26, 2011 6:04 am

Quote :
Name: Neil Anderson
History: Neil anderson has had a lot of troubled histories involving conflicts in the past. But this was due to his positon as a general. Even his parents were extremely harsh, causing him to preferr freedom over anything else. For this reason, he seeks to vanquish any opressors with an iron will, but a gentle hand.
Equipments: Gattling Lazer, Elite Infantry Battlesuit, Portable Datapad(can scan and communicate).
League: Terran Armada
Skills(5): Leadership, First Aide, Training, Piloting, and Research.
Magics(5): Justice Bolt, Megaheal, Ensuna, Team Proterra, Team Agressor.
Effects(ongoing passive properties)(3):
Guardian Aura - Neil's and his allies defenses are twice as potent than usual where present.
Environmentalism - Neil is much more able to survive in lethal/toxic/radioactive environments.
Major Researcher - For every post neil makes, he gets 3 more tech points. Further, unique league techs are twice as good with him.
Job Class(begins 1, can get 3 eventually): Leader.
The only strength is leadership. No weakness.

Terran League Config:

Areas -

Keshel Fields- A vast area with lots of farms and crops. Its openness makes it a great place for ranged weapons and aircraft.
Terranopolis - A major city thats controlled by the imperials. Presently the capitol city is empty, except for the many camps of infantry found here. Its a port city.
Grendon forest - A nice forest region. While only normal in nature, there are a few ancient ruins in this place that makes it very good for training ventures.
Baeon Mountains - There are many caves in the baeon mountains, with plenty of resources. But its hard to travel them...
Dunerian ocean - All these lands are surrounded by a rather challenging ocean to cross.

Techs -

Gattling Lazer(35 pts)
Elite Infantry Battlesuit(35 pts)
Portable Scanner(20 pts)
Cybertronic Techlab(50 pts)
Basic Rations(10 pts)
Basic Medipacks(25 pts)
Military Compound(35 pts)
Industrial Complex(35 pts)
Modern Apartments(35 pts)
Geothermal Powerplant(35 pts)
Transwave Radio Towers(40 pts)
Portable Transwave Phones(30 pts)
Arcane Lore {allows magics} (85 pts)
Lazer Turrets(40 pts)
Gattling Turrets(25 pts)
Modern Fortifications(35 pts)
Modern Grenades(35 pts)
Hazmat Ouftits(45 pts)
Gyrocopters(65 pts)
Modern Battle Tanks(45 pts)
Dune Buggies(35 pts)

Professions -

Leader - The commander. This person manages the teams. His very presence affects morale.
Pilot - Imperials can navigate and fly aircraft. this job is better at it.
Soldier - the standard military unit is the core of any assault. Posessing the best equipments and training of the society, they are the first line of defense.
Scientist - cannot gain new techs without scientists. Thus, its vital this profession exists.
Laborer - The standard laborer is well rounded. while only good for building and harvesting, he is undenyably useful.
Engineer - This unit makes vehicles and products. he can also repair and upgrade things as well.
Entertainer - In order to keep up morale and provide a form of relief, the entertainer was developed.
Doctor - Medical situations demand the presence of a qualified healer. Dont take this profession lightly.
Arcannan - While very rare, the arcannan is a powerful mage within the terran forces.
Paladins - Paladins are exceedingly rare, and have great armaments plus mighty white magics.
Spellswords - Spellswords are skiled at offensive tactics and siege warfare. While rare, they are also very powerful.
Taskmaster - Taskmasters are great at getting forces to perform faster and more efficiently. They also are experts at training forces.
Ecco Sentinal - The ecco sentinals are skilled in lethal and radioactive environments. Their goal is to mainly clean such places up.
Gunner - These forces man the weapons aboard vehicles and man any turrets present. They are well trained in that.
Scouts - Another first line defense is the scout. This unit is invaluable as there is always the chance of stealth forces out there...

Goal: To protect terranopolis at any cost!

Config Stats:

Strength - 100
Endurance - 100
Dexterity - 100
Reflexes - 100
Wisdom - 100
Intelligence - 100
Manna - 100
Stamina - 100
Vitality - 100
Charisma - 100
Presence - 100
Spirit - 100
Teamwork - 100
Engineering - 100
Outfitting - 100
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The League Wars - The Ahrennian Strain
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