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 RazgrizOne's adventures in Minecraft!

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The Southern Crops

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PostSubject: RazgrizOne's adventures in Minecraft!   Thu Jan 13, 2011 6:53 pm

Session:January 12th 2011.

First MC session of the new year on my main save, came back to my tree house, a weeks walk/boat ride from my main base. Had a crazy idea to build a fireplace in my treehouse. This is what happened.

EDIT:Oh yeah, forgot to mention how I got out of the burning house. I lit the log that would be used for my fireplace. It burnt out, and then my actual house began burning. I tried to put it out, but it was already too late. I accidently caught myself on fire, as I pulled out my axe, cutting open my double chest, taking EVERYTHING, then action jumping out of the treehouse, in midair, pressing Esc, turning the difficulty on peaceful, landing, with 1 heart left, and the fire out. As I gazed upon the wreckage, I took the above screenshot.

So, I built a regular house. [Screenshots will be uploaded later, once I get some time, and fix the roof.]

Determined to build a fireplace[one that works!] I set out in search of clay. I found a few stacks worth, and on the way back to base, I discovered a surface lava pool between two lakes! I broke the sand, letting the water into the lava, forming plenty of obsidian. With that obsidian, I built my first Nether portal, as well as a base station.

However, being a scaredy cat, I turned the difficulty to peaceful, put everything except my diamond pick, my iron sword, and 40 torches into the chests, then entered the portal. My portal in the Nether end was only two blocks away from a lava fall! I explored some caves, then took this beautifal screenshot of the Nether.

I dug around a bit, managing to reach the Nether lava level. I was determined to get some lightstone and slowsand, without having to go over lava. So I began digging around, and this is what I found at the bottom.

So, I got back from the Nether with 5[!!] stacks of Netherrack, then putting all my items back in their place, and doing some quick renovation to the portal.

Last edited by Razgriz One on Fri Jan 14, 2011 12:15 am; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : Epic-fying the story, and typos.)
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My Pet : Creeper
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PostSubject: Re: RazgrizOne's adventures in Minecraft!   Thu Jan 13, 2011 9:56 pm

Purely awesome.

This is why I want Minecraft.
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RazgrizOne's adventures in Minecraft!
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