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 Fallout New Vegas

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Constantly Bored

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PostSubject: Fallout New Vegas   Sun Jan 02, 2011 7:57 pm


Chapter One: The Courier, The Powder, The Quest.

Kail was to deliver a package to the Strip, a place where las-vegas is still untouched by the bombing. Kail didn't know what was inside, but he didnt want to upset the guy recieving it, Mr. House. The package was intercepted by a man in a checkered suit with great khans beside him as some bodyguards, by whom Kail was shot in the head and left for dead; buried alive in a shallow grave in the Goodsprings Cemetery. Kail is dug out by Victor, a friendly Securitron, and nursed back to health by Doc Mitchell, resident doctor of Goodsprings. He still looked fine, his luck very up to the tide and quite the mysterious teenager he is. Kail explained to the doctor that there was this man that was in a checkered suit almost immediatly once he had his barrings. He wore a vault 21 suit which didnt have much armor at all. He had this small razor which was quite proven to deal with rad-roaches and giant nymphs easily. And this extra laser pistol he had. The doctor replied that he had seen him in the distance before a few hours when he had arrived. He told him that he should talk to victor. Kail walked out, the light nearly blinding him. He talked to victor, and victor started a conversation. Soon after, he was tired of all the talking, and ignored him for the sake of his voice. He ran to the saloon, since he was getting impatient. He encountered sunny smiles, in which, he was given a varmint rifle to see if hes any accurate at all. He was quite accurate, and he shot almost all of them down. Sunny said he was decent, and offered him a way to get caps, and he naturally accepted. During defending the wells from geckos, he seen Cheyenne die, and Sunny knew she was a good dog. She tried not to show it, but her tone was a bit...sad. Kail cheered her up by helping her build a grave. Sunny thanked him, and gave him 20 caps. Kail nodded, and he had heard of someone named 'Trudy' in the saloon. Sunny mentioned she wants to see him, as she always welcomes others. He jogged down the small hill, before tripping and landing on the sand. He grumbled to himself with negetive wordings, and walked into the saloon, being careful this time. He walked to the bar, taking a left then forward in the process. He seen quite a argument going on, and asked what it was. She said it was about a man that needed to have some help. He asked 'Why not convince them to leave?' 'Because they're....difficult from most them outsiders.' She responded, and he walked outside. He seen something by the saloon, and it seemed to be a small bunker. He opened it, and nothing was inside, only a small bar, Unused dust bed (Has alot of dust.) and a electricity generator in another cramped room. There was another bed for another person, good enough, but this place was abandoned. Even though he was left for dead and been in bed for awhile, he had to still sleep. For the days when he was delivering the package, he had'nt had much sleep. He sat on the cot, and slept on it. He woke up in the middle of the night because he hadnt had much sleep, as always. Kail got on his vault suit again, then found something in the Nuka Cola Refridgerator. Some rad-roach meat. Urgh. That stuff sucked. But, it atleast was something to eat. His hunger had been satisfied, and it was until he noticed in the second room in the bunker, there was a broken shower. Kail always had to fix these things, and he tried working on it for two hours with its slightly-rusted components for it's water to splatter all over him. He chuckled as it slammed into his face, and quietly turned it off. He walked back to his cot, and fell asleep for the next morning to come. He was dreaming of peace, and it changing to survival due to the bomb. He kept moving in his sleep, before waking up very early. He climbed the ladder and closed the bunker from the top. His 'home' problem was solved. He covered it with a bush, and it was hid. He decided to see what else was in this town and who to ask around. He walked into the general store, and asked the shop owner. He responded coldly 'Why should i care?' Kail sighed, and walked outside. This is going to take awhile. But he could ask trudy. He walked into the bar and asked trudy if she seen the man. She said that he was probably going to try to ignore the path of route 95, since the powder gangers have taken over that region. She suggested that he possibly went through Primm with his 'bodyguards'. She didnt know that route, so Kail went to sunny. She responded the route, and he was prepared to go there. Though....Its unknown if he should ignore the current situation with the town. He decided not too, since he didnt want the rumored 'worlds most oldest saloon' to be destroyed in the midst of a peaceful town. Kail walked to the gas station, and as soon as he did, he was aimed a gun at him by Ringo. 'What are you doing here?' Ringo asked, and Kail answered. 'I came here to help you and the town get rid of Joe Cobbs, and my name is Kail, Nice to meet you.' Kail responded civilized, and ringo let go of his defense. 'Sorry. I thought you were one of Cobbs gang. Nice to meet you, Kail. I hear rumors that hes afraid that i will shoot him in the head when hes least expecting it. And they're sure as hell right. If you want to help, go recruit sunny. Shes nicer them most.' He said, and Kail walked out of the station, and went to the saloon once again. He encountered sunny in there again. 'Hey, i was wondering if you can help me and ringo start up a m-' Kail was interrupted by her, with her agreeing almost immediatly. 'Just like that?' Kail replied, and sunny nodded 'Just like that. I know theyre type. When they asked about ringo and said if we hand him over they'd leave us alone. But they'll be back. Also, trudy might lend a hand.' Sunny replied. Kail nodded, and walked over to trudy. 'So, starting a militia, arent you? I would like to stay back for this one....' Trudy said, and Kail nodded. He walked out of the saloon, and sat on the ground. Just three people? How can we hold back alot more? Hell, he didnt even know the count of these guys. But there was this securitron that protected him when he got attacked. They didnt mention him. Kail slowly got up, and ran to the cemetery. There was a differant grave with a mechanical arm sticking up. Kail got the shovel that was on a grave, and started digging. When he was done, the securitron rose up. "Is that you, master?" The Securitron said, but then fell to the ground. It took a all-nighter, but he fixed the robot back to full shape. "Thanks." The robot thanked, and he accompanied him. "So, what happend?" Kail asked. "I got dumped in one of these graves, but hurt one of the Khans. I couldnt get them enough and i was overwhelmed. Thats it. I dont really remember anyone beside them." He finished. Kail nodded. He ran up to the station and told ringo that they were ready. Ringo didnt bother asking who the securitron was. The people that were availible held the powder gangers back quite easily, with help of the securitron and Kail. However, some people got injured, but not enough to destroy a limb. Kail named his securitron a long time ago, when he found it in a abandoned bunker that was a bit destroyed. He upgraded it to a mk I. The robots name was Securan. He was a very trustworthy fellow. After the battle, he bought himself a duster, and some glasses to accompany them.

End Of Chapter One: The Courier, The Powder, The Quest.
Please note that if you read this all or atleast know that you dont need a CS, put this word somewhere in your introduction post: Cat.

Also, The reason why i didnt want to include the Cs is because its ruining the fun of knowing your character, The other, or just to make it clear, the personality and what makes them like you. But please, the courier is not the one you need to accompany, hell, you can be his enemy. Just.....dont uber nor powerplay unless you have the persons permission. I know this site wont want to be 'all game based' but this is a damn good game! And your going to have to describe your characters appearence through details or a picture.

Picture of Kail (Made by Sandara on Deviant Art, all credit to her/him.) :
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Constantly Bored

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PostSubject: Re: Fallout New Vegas   Mon Jan 03, 2011 5:37 pm

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Fallout New Vegas
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