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 Alan Wake

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PostSubject: Alan Wake   Fri Jul 02, 2010 11:09 am

The Game Is A Psychological Thriller,The Story,From Wikipedia (What Would We Do Without It)
Alan Wake, a bestselling crime fiction author who hasn't managed to write anything in over two years, and his wife, Alice, go to the idyllic small town of Bright Falls to recover his creative flow. They are greeted by the friendly townsfolk before driving to the local diner to pick up their cabin key from Mr. Stucky. However, Alan accepts a key from a veiled woman dressed all in black, mistakenly thinking it to be the correct key. After he and Alice leave, Mr. Stucky steps out of the diner, wondering why Alan didn't get the key to the actual cabin they rented. Alice and Alan drive to the house in the middle of Cauldron Lake. After an altercation with Alice, Alan leaves the house, knowing that she will not follow him as she has a fear of the dark. Upon hearing screaming, Alan runs back into the house only to find that Alice has fallen into the lake. He dives in after her. Blacking out, Alan wakes up in a car, his head bleeding. He heads towards the nearest gas station after being attacked by the Taken, people from Bright Falls that have been possessed by the Dark Presence. When he arrives, by seeing a festival advertisement he realizes it's been a week since he jumped in the lake after Alice. He calls for the police, and when he says that his wife is missing and they lived in the house on Cauldron Lake, Sheriff Sarah Breaker informs him that there is no house in Cauldron Lake, not since the 1970s. They drive past it and, much to Alan's horror, she's right.

After being interrogated by the Sheriff and meeting his agent Barry, who arrived after not receiving any response from Alan's phone, Alan receives a call from a kidnapper who shows he has Alice by leaving her driving license in an old truck outside the police station, saying to meet him at Lover's Peak in Elderwood National Park. On the way through the park Alan finds park Ranger Rusty, badly wounded after being attacked by the Taken. He gives Alan a page of a manuscript to a story with his name on it that he cannot remember writing. After being forced to kill the possessed Rusty, he continues down the Lover's Peak and finds the kidnapper, and Alan falls into the lake in an ensuing fight. The kidnapper demands Alan turn over the remainder of the manuscript, and Alan stalls claiming he has to write an ending. He and Barry decide to investigate the town the following day. Barry, while in town, gets a call from Rose Marigold, a waitress who is a die-hard fan of Alan's books. She has been possessed by the Dark Presence.

Both Alan and Barry go to Rose's trailer, who spikes their coffee, knocking them out. Alan wakes and fights the police outside, and is fired on by an FBI agent named Robert Nightingale, and Alan flees into the woods. Alan heads to the local radio station for help, but Nightingale turns up and opens fire without provocation yet again. He finds a car by sunrise and heads towards the coal mine to meet the kidnapper, eventually ending up at Mirror Peak, just above Cauldron Lake. When Alan gets there, the kidnapper reveals that he has never had his wife before being engulfed by a tornado of the Dark Presence. Grabbing a flare before the Dark Presence can finish him off, Alan falls off the cliff and is saved by an unknown person.

He wakes up in the Cauldron Lake Lodge, which was a hotel and is now run as a mental institute for "artists", led by Dr. Emil Hartman. Doctor Hartman says that his wife died and all of the events that have transpired were figments of Alan's imagination. Alan refuses to believe him, and as night began to fall two other patients, the Andersons (former rock stars of the 1970s) begin to wreak havoc in the institute. Amidst the chaos, Alan manages to get the keys to the Staff Room. Along with Barry, who came to find him, he finds most of the manuscript. Dr. Hartman finds him and asks to work together on 'this', saying they can make something beautiful. The Dark Presence begins to engulf the Lodge, and Alan leaves Dr. Hartman to die. He begins to realize that the Andersons understand what is going on, and so heads to their farm along with Barry to listen to a "message" they have left there.

When they arrive at the farm, they find an old record that includes the lyrics: "Find the Lady of the Light". Alan recognizes this as the "message." They then remember a woman, Cynthia Weaver, who was clutching a lantern in the diner Alan visited upon arriving in Bright Falls, and who knew Thomas Zane and Barbara Jagger. In the morning they agree to head into town to find her. After he and Barry drink some moonshine made with Cauldron Lake water, Alan has a vision of the cabin, showing that he agreed to write a story for the Dark Presence in exchange for Alice's life. The Presence planned to use the story to escape the lake, where it is currently trapped. Alan realized what was occurring and managed to write in an escape for himself through the appearance of Thomas Zane, the last writer to be seduced by the Dark Presence.

Alan wakes up and is greeted by Agent Nightingale at gunpoint, who takes him and Barry to their cells. When there is a sudden power outage, both the Sheriff and Nightingale come to watch over them, but as Nightingale reaches into his pocket to check a manuscript page that describes how he reached into his pocket to check a manuscript page, the Dark Presence takes him away. Alan, Barry and the Sheriff commandeer a helicopter and fly to the power station, crashing along the way. Cynthia Weaver directs Alan to "The Well-Lit Room" and there the four find Thomas Zane's last possessions: a page written by Tom that describes an important scene from Alan's childhood, and the 'clicker', a snapped-off light switch that Alan's mother gave him and that he in return gave to Alice. The clicker belonged to Alan's father and can summon a "magical light that gets rid of all the darkness."

Alan drives and battles his way to cauldron lake. After defeating many enemies and diving into the Lake, he enters a quasi-realm of the "idea," which is created by the concepts in his story, including the bridge and the cabin. Working his way to the cabin at the bottom of the lake, he hears Thomas Zane talking to the possessed Barbara Jagger. Barbara died in an accident, and under the influence of Emil Hartman and the Dark Presence, Zane "wrote her back." What returned, however, was not truly Barbara Jagger but the Dark Presence in her form. In the scene, he cuts out its heart, which is filled with darkness, and then dives with the feebly moving, possessed body to the bottom of the lake (a scene which is also recounted in a manuscript page).

When Alan finally reaches the house, he sees the Dark Presence in front of him in Barbara's form, with a darkness-filled hole in her chest. He grabs her, puts his hand in her chest and clicks the clicker. The light fills her body, coming out of her eyes and mouth before the house is engulfed by the light as well. Alan then walks to the typewriter in the study and starts writing, saying that he knows how to write the ending and that there needs to be balance; everything has a price.

A flashback of Alan jumping into the lake to save Alice occurs, after which a time lapse happens in which fourteen days pass, bringing the action to the day of Deerfest, the yearly celebration of the town of Bright Falls. Alice is then shown swimming out of the lake and crawling onto the dock, coughing and calling out, "Alan?" The cabin is still gone and Alan is nowhere in sight.

Bright Falls is shown prospering in the middle of Deerfest. Rose appears clutching the same lantern that Cynthia Weaver, the "Lady of the Light" held, with Agent Nightingale staring out ominously from a window behind her. Alan is then seen at his typewriter again, in darkness. He says "It's not a lake... It's an ocean..." Alice is heard saying "Alan, wake up." A final image of an ellipsis is shown, implying that the manuscript has yet to be finished.

At the end of the credit sequence, a message appears stating that "Alan Wake's journey through the night will continue".

The Story Is The Meat Of The Game,And Thew Game Is Scary,But Not SAW Scary,Just A Bit Scary.....But Its REALLY Scary If Your Scared Of The Dark.The Fighting Is A Bit Boring,Shine Your Flashlight On A Enemy (Or Use Flare/Flashbang)And Shoot The Enemy With A Gun After The Shadow (The Shadow Protects Them) Dissipears,Making Them Vunerable.The Flashbang Damages Enemys Too,But The Flare Only Weakens The Shadow.The Music Is Good Too,Listen To Some Of This Music.

Along With The Music,The Story And The Gameplay,The Game Gives You A Challenge To Change Your Batteries FASTER Than Alan Wake....lul.
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Alan Wake
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