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 The Sidus Empire

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PostSubject: The Sidus Empire   Wed Nov 28, 2012 8:34 pm

The Sidus Empire


Judge of The Aether
Supreme ruler of the Sidus Empire. He is the one who dictates every single rule, law, and rank within the Empire. He has three capes (yes, 3), two of which extend from the centre of his neck to the pauldrons, and one which extends out from underneath where the two other capes connect. The Judge of The Aether only appears on the battlefield as a last resort for a critical objective, and when almost everything else is failing. It is said that the Judge of The Aether’s armour can protect against and withstand tank shells being shot against it, and that his scythe can cut through the thickest of armour.

Becoming a Judge is the greatest achievement for a commander. Although there are few Judges, they are each very powerful and strong, plus have full control over the fleets, armies and automatons, and can intervene and issue their own commands which override other commanders orders (unless said commander is a Judge), at will.

Praetors have full control over the fleets of the Sidus Empire. They can also control automatons at will, but only with the consent of a Genero. They are the ones who dictate which units are deployed, where they are deployed to and can also override the commands of a Genero when or if necessary.

Generos have control over the automatons used in the Sidus Empire, which explains why Praetors are a rare site on the battlefield. They dictate what tactics are used, which strategies to employ and several other things. They can override the commands of Armifers if necessary.

Armifers are the leaders in the battlefield, dictating which commands are to be given at what time, where to strike and which units to use. In all other situations, the Magnus’s are relied on to dictate what to do on the battlefield themselves, although Armifers can issue their own commands that override the Magnus’s commands.

Magnus’s are the ones who lead the platoons of infantry. They are the ones who issue the commands, but do not have control over the automatons or the fleets. These are the spearheads in battle, as they can be very dangerous and are taught more advanced fighting techniques.

The first rank of a commander. These are actually recognised and used as stronger Swordsmen, due to the fact that they only lead a force of soldiers and simply ensure orders given by Magnus’s are executed. They also have bigger swords and stronger armour than the regular soldiers.


As with all Sidusian soldiers, the Swordsmen have very heavy and thick armour, allowing them to shrug off regular bullets and gives them some resistance to explosives. In particular, their shields prevent them from taking serious enemy damage and are quite large, making up for having no ranged attacks at all.

Bowgunners are the primary (and only) ranged unit of the infantry. They have slightly weaker armour than that of the swordsman, but possess a crossbow and a large dagger rather than a hulking great sword. Still, the crossbows fire large bolts with great power, equalling the firing power of a Barrett .50.

Lancers, as the name suggests, wield hulking great spiked lances, which can pierce most armour. They are also protected by shields, which are much larger than those of the swordsmen. They also have heavier armour to help them cope with the heavy duty combat they throw themselves into.

Wraiths are the elite soldiers of the Sidus Empire, which are either highly experienced soldiers or ex-officers. They are armed with a bowgun with around 20 bolts, a lighter sword and a spear.

Dragoons ride on heavily armoured horses, which are also equipped with a neat column of spikes on the front of the headpiece. Dragoons also wield spears, which they can either throw with nearly superhuman strength, or simply use as jousts.

Beluas are large, armoured skinless beasts, complete with the appetite of a Great White Shark. Their main attacks are either chomping up the enemy, or clawing away at the enemy.

Tyrants are even larger than Beluas, resembling dragons and are also complete with wings. They usually deal with enemy aircraft due to their sheer size and strength, plus have ferociously powerful jaws. It took almost a century for the Sidus Empire to finally tame these dangerous beasts.

Despite being rare, Colossus’ are huge, 400 foot tall automatons, originally only rock golems but were given lots of armour to help protect them from the heaps of firepower they have to soak up, something which the old rock golems were terrible at coping with. A single colossus can easily crush and damage enemy ground units and buildings, despite being rather slow.
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The Sidus Empire
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