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 QME (Faction for an upcoming fiction + reference)

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PostSubject: QME (Faction for an upcoming fiction + reference)   Wed May 16, 2012 10:37 pm

Quantum Mechanical Empire

Political System – Bureaucratic
Primary Battle Focus – Adaptability
Home Planet - Koramiton

The Quantum Mechanical Empire consists of independently controlled machines and robots and a variety of units that can be used universally, known as “Techloids”. For example, a grunt machine can be used as an anti-infantry unit, but also has the capabilities of serving as an assassin techloid, but will not have all the other advantages that an assassin Techloid possesses.

The QME originally began in 2353 as a single group of robots created by a scientist, Dr. Morth-Salgo, in a city under the control of the Domarian Syndicate (Doom Storm) on planet Koramiton. He used an abandoned underground robot factory, which had been used to create robots for home appliances, to manufacture his machines. With the help of his robot companions, he had managed to gain access to some of the Domarian Syndicate’s older weaponry, altering them so they were compatible with his machines. After creating several prototypes and finding the right mixture of firepower, manoeuvrability and flexibility, Dr. Morth-Salgo began mass producing these robots until there were well over 2’000 at his disposal. He had then tried to make a political move and tried to put himself forward as the town’s head of command for the Domarian Syndicate, but they instantly refused his offer with laughter.

In 2365, Dr. Morth-Salgo had gone around the globe in a personal carrier with a handful of his own robots, looking for help. He eventually found a man, Sigmund Ofrey, who also had a similar concept to what Morth-Salgo had, and agreed to aid him. They both managed to find the help of a mercenary group known as the “Romuroids”, a small group of scientists that were dedicated to the cause of creating a population of cyborgs and robots rather than humans. They set up their primary manufacturing base on a lone island, Romura Island. A couple of years later, Morth-Salgo, Ofrey and the Romuroids returned back to Salgo’s home town with their new, more powerful robots and activated the older robots. With them, they had raided the government buildings and forced a take-over of government. The head of command was assassinated after declining their forceful offer, but then the national army came in and tried to flush out the robot menace. They were unsuccessful and were beaten quite badly.

Once Salgo had found out that there were more attacks incoming, he had to think fast. Relying on his robots, he programmed some of them to help with manufacturing new vehicles and ships. New ships, defences and machines were built to help defend the city against the repeated incoming attackers, but a problem remained for the newly founded QME. If they stayed within the city for too long, enemy forces could have built up rapidly and eventually could overwhelm the city. They decided on expanding their forces, setting up bases around the globe.

Now, they are large enough to count as a considerably dangerous threat on Koramiton, with around 30% of the continents under their control. They have fleets and satellites set up around the globe to fight off incoming Domarian fleets. Their manufacturing plants produce around 31’000 grunt robots a day in total. The QME currently do not have any intentions to expand themselves onto other planets.

SPARTAN CLASS (Standard/humanoid units)

Standard humanoid robot. Armed with a rapid-fire laser gun with little stopping power and an anti-infantry mini-rocket launcher. 6’2”. Equipped with multiple scanners and are also EMP and heat resistant.

More armoured than the Grunt, with a higher-powered laser gun that doesn’t shoot as fast, plus has lock-on missiles. Also able to emit an electric wave which shocks enemy soldiers and, if friendly robots are shut down instead of blown up, reactivates friendly units. 6’2”.

Large robot on caterpillar wheels, about 6’7”. Armed with dual plasma cannons and light anti-armour missiles. Have some impressive armour. Armed with advanced lock-on tech and are EMP resistant + water resistant.

Lightly armoured and fast robots which move around as hoverbikes, which can transform into deadly anti-infantry machines. As hoverbikes, they only have two rapid fire laser guns, but when fully transformed, they are equipped with quad laser repeaters and can deploy a personal shield for themselves.

Heavily armoured and slow robots which move about as light tanks, which transform into highly dangerous anti-infantry and anti-armour mechs on tri caterpillar wheels. As tanks, they only have one gamma beam cannon, but when transform, they host dual plasma guns, anti-armour rockets and gamma beam cannon.


ROVER CLASS (Vehicular/mech units)
All vehicles are water resistant, making them especially effective in shore combat.

Relatively large four-legged walkers. Slow moving with some light armour but are equipped with a single, high powered anti-infantry microwave cannon which is also effective against light armour.

Very large four-legged walkers. Slightly faster than Spider walkers with medium armour and are equipped with tri HE cannons and a single anti-infantry turret to neutralise any enemy units underneath the mech.

Rather large mech on a large single caterpillar wheel base, armed with four large explosive scatter guns and can carry Grunts into battle. Dedicated anti-infantry unit.

Large anti-defence hovering machine which hosts 10 swarmer missile launchers. They fire a single missile (a maximum of 10) which split up into 6 other smaller and quicker missiles, meaning a Swarmer can fire a volley of up to 60 missiles at once. Despite the missiles being weak, around 50 of these are enough to take down the heaviest of armour.

Large anti-armour, long-range deployable artillery machine. Uses two caterpillar wheels to manoeuvre around and uses two light gamma-ray turrets to shoot down more mobile and harder-to-hit enemies, but when deployed, stands firmly on three large and thick legs which are planted into the ground, but can still move around very slowly. In this state, they can use a very high-powered tesla cannon which obliterates heavy armour.

Large, rather slow and very heavily armoured anti-enemy humanoid machine armed with quad miniguns, dual high-powered laser turrets, a single gamma beam cannon and a tri-barreled missile launcher. The largest unit which is used to soak up damage, and deal a lot of damage too.

Large, low hovering and heavily armoured tanks which can carry up to 50 robots into battle. They are armed with two dual-barreled HE turrets and anti-missile turrets. Also deploy shield generators which cover a large enough radius to be able to protect all their deploying robots.


SOARER CLASS (Aerial/space units)
All aerial units can be used in space combat too, explaining their sheer differences in size and firepower. Their armour overall is lighter than that of the Rover class units.

Light armoured, highly manoeuvrable and quick fighter armed with six ballistic missile launchers and a rapid fire chain gun. Highly effective with anti-infantry support and excels in dogfighting.

Medium armoured, relatively manoeuvrable fighter armed with tri-barreled turrets and dual plasma ray cannons. Good all-round fighter.

Heavy armoured, slow and bulky fighter armed with a slow-firing yet highly powerful Plasma turret and payloads of HE bombs. Excel in destroying enemy heavy armour but are nearly useless in dogfights.

Medium armoured, resembles a mechanical fly. Can repair and carry friendly units, also armed with two AA flak turrets.


OMEN CLASS (Naval units)
All naval ships can be submerged and have heavier armour overall.

Light armour. Equipped with a single proton cannon when above water, which is then swapped for a triple torpedo launcher when submerged.

Light armour. Equipped with two tri-barrelled high-powered chain guns for taking out weaker armour, which turn into torpedo launchers when submerged. Fast and used for rushing shore attacks and enemy naval units.

Medium armour. Equipped with four HE cannons, two SAM launchers and two high-explosive plasma cannons. When submerged, has six high-explosive torpedo launchers available. Can walk on land.

Heavy armour. Dedicated anti-naval ship. Equipped with four high-end laser turrets, a two gamma beam cannons and depth charges. When submerged, is equipped with anti-torpedo defences and eight torpedo launchers.

Very heavy armour. Equipped with three plasma turrets, four HE cannons, four SAM missile launchers and a quantum beam cannon. When submerged, the Erupter has twelve anti-torpedo defences and two High-explosive torpedo launchers. The quantum beam cannon is compatible under water.

Heavy armour. Equipped with anti-air defences, anti-torpedo defences and usually deploys a shield which protects itself both on land and under water. Can carry up to 200 friendly units. There are three different models of carriers:
- Land carrier: Can walk on land and primarily houses ground units and vehicles.
- Shore carriers: Purely sea based and house aerial units.
- Mobile factories: Also purely sea based and repair and build friendly units.


HYDRO CLASS (Super units)

Hydro mech
Large, heavily armoured robot which can transform into a road vehicle, an aerial unit or a humanoid mech. When in vehicle mode, has very heavy armour and is equipped with dual high-power plasma turrets and six anti-air flak turrets. When in aerial mode, has medium armour and is equipped with six weak, precision based plasma beams which are especially effective against ground units along with two AA missile launchers, and when as a mech is equipped with a large energised sword, a gamma beam cannon and two SAM launchers.

ABAS (Arial Base & Artillery Ship)
Very large and heavily armoured, but slow moving. Armed with four high powered HE cannons, eight rapid-fire anti-infantry cannons, six AA missile launchers, four anti-missile defences and a deadly Shoruthite beam emitter which is a more powerful and more concentrated version of a gamma beam. Also has a shield generator that protects both itself and the carriers attached to it.
It serves as a refuel, restock and repair ship for friendly units. There are eight separate armoured carriers which are attached around the lower part of the ship. These can carry up to 16 regular Grunts, but also have the ability to carry other units and the lighter Rover class machines. They fly down to the surface to deploy the attached robots into battle with great speed and are very hard to hit, but they are not armed with any weapons. Used in large battles and sometimes in space battles.
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QME (Faction for an upcoming fiction + reference)
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