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 <United We Fall: Revival>

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The Southern Crops

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PostSubject: <United We Fall: Revival>   Sun Apr 22, 2012 3:48 am

A/N: Jandroy, you might remember this setting. Of course, the plot will be very different.

//Opening File: Abridged_History_Of_Liberation_Wars
//File Loaded
In SD 2341, several of the most powerful mining and manufacturing corporations on Feros rebelled against the Dual Planetary Federations (DPF), due to restrictions on where they could work their trades, which were made to placate the growing power of the Gaian Reclamation Network (GRN). These corporations banded together to form the United Mining and Manufacturing Government (UMMG).

Due to the loss of a significant portion of their manufacturing capabilities on Feros, the DPF encroached on GRN territory, in the western hemisphere of Feros, leading to a second rebellion. The war lasted seven years, notable battles being the Siege of Farbanti, the Battle of Area R7B (also known as the Graveyard of Aces, due to the large amount of ace squadrons deployed to that battle), and the Assault on the Spire (in which UMMG, GRN, and DPF forces engaged in a free for all in the DPF capital city). After those seven years, an armistice was created between the three factions, which led to the creation of The 2348 Treaty of Grenglin. All three sides were unhappy with the treaty, but it was peace. And that peace lasts to the date of this publication.
//End File

//Opening File: Feros-Cerlean_System
//File Loaded
The Feros-Cerlean System is a one-in-a-googolplex occurrence in the known galaxy, being two planets that collided midway through their development, and, for lack of a better term, 'stuck' together, instead of annihilating each other. Feros is the upper planet in the system, and the eastern hemisphere is a barren wasteland, ruled over by the UMMG, which uses the massive mineral deposits located there to retain its status as an economic powerhouse, providing 74% of all non-organic products in the system. In the western hemisphere is a massive forest, as well as the planet's only ocean, dubbed only as the Ocean. In this forest lies GRN, the only democratic state in the system, which has no stationary seat of government, and it instead moves with its peoples.

Cerlean, the lower planet in the system, is the seat of power of the DPF. Most of Cerlean is an industrialized wasteland, with only a few hints of its former status as a garden world, all those being only accessible to the upper crust of the class system the DPF instituted after the Liberation Wars. All though many of the more vocal members of the DPF are against the class system, the majority of the public is for it. The DPF is the most powerful military force in the system, however, due to excessive strip-mining in the DPF's early days, there are very few mineral deposits left on in their domain.
//End File

The date is SD 2369. Tensions are mounting once more among the nations of the Feros-Cerlean system, due to leaked plans of an UMMG 'super-weapon', as well as attacks by terrorists claiming to be receiving funding from GRN, in both UMMG and DPF territory. It appears that once more war will break out, and with it the fate of Feros-Cerlean system falling back into the hands of the few.

Useful Notes:
-A prominent trope in this work is Anyone Can Die. To counter this, I introduce the Genetic Reconstitution Device. It downloads the last accessible copy of your memories into a tank grown clone. However, due to instabilities in the device, it can only revive you five times. Use them somewhat wisely.
-There will be little interaction (read: fighting) between characters in different factions, however, when they do meet, there is a good chance one or both will die.
-Although there are three factions, there are nine different storylines, following nine sub-factions. These are: DPF West, DPF East, DPF South, UMMG Central, UMMG Plateau Forces, UMMG Air Corps, GRN General Forces, GRN Black Hand, and GRN Navy.
-To counter any GMPC ubering I might be tempted to perform, I shall just be a plain ol’ GM.

-General blah blah, no ubering, god-modding, etc, etc. Just remember I have the Wheel of Punishment Mk VI. Get onto the next part now.

Weaponry: (Assume 21st century tech level.)
Vehicle: (If in UMMG Air Corps, GRN Navy, or DPF South.)
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The King of Death
The King of Death

My Pet : Creeper
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PostSubject: Re: <United We Fall: Revival>   Sun Apr 22, 2012 7:02 am

No,I don't remember this at all, LOL.

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<United We Fall: Revival>
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